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“新品鉴赏”之98-19026 & 98-19027


“新品鉴赏”之98-19026 & 98-19027

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      时光飞逝,2019年已经来到了最后一个月。我们的“新品鉴赏”也到了本年度的最后一期“新品鉴赏”。本期的我们分享的是一款#98-19026及#98-19027系列,共4款。他们拥有相同的基因,相同的面孔及体型。因为尺寸的不同,分为男款、女款。男款长度是标准的44.5cm长。女款则稍短,长度为38cm。同时,由于不同下杆的配置,增加了小圆头浸胶夹的款式。他们是#98-19026 & #98-19026 CLIPS 以及#98-19027 & #98-19027 CLIPS。
      Time flies, and 2019 has come to its last month. Our "Hanger Biweekly" has reached the last period of this year. In this period, we share a series of #98-19026 and #98-19027, a total of 4 styles. They share the same genes, the same faces and bodies . Because of the size is different, divided into men's and women's. The men's version is the standard 44.5cm length. The female version is slightly shorter, with a length of 38cm.At the same time, because of different lower lever configuration, increased the style of small round head dip adhesive clip. They are #98-19026 & #98-19026 CLIPS and #98-19027 & #98-19027 CLIPS. 
#98-19026正面照,Front View
#98-19027正面照,Front View
#98-19026-CLPS 正面照,Front View
#98-19027-CLPS 正面照,Front View
Body design, front, back convex, personality recognition characteristics prominent, let a person can recognize at a glance! Bionic design of human body, streamline design, beautiful lines!
肩部图Body View
流线型设计,迷人的身材 Shape View
仰视图Bottom View
俯视图Top View
Surface treatment: Blue gray surface treatment, the hook use the same color, lively, high-grade, outstanding personality. Transparent PVC dip adhesive clip, simple, practical.
Excellent Qquality: Adhering to the production process of Butler Courtesy hanger, to achieve "0 tolerance" high quality; there is no complicated traditional mold, replaced by Butler Courtesy hanger automatic forming equipment. Instead of the traditional manual copy, intelligent production takes place, which changes the traditional production mode of wooden hangers and is made of precision machining. Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, at the same time, greatly improve product quality, add points to your brand and improve image. 
头部特写,Close Up to the face 
Shoulder: Wide shoulder design, reliable support, to ensure that your dress straight.
左侧图 Left View
材质:桦木, Birchwood。
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December 15th, 2019, Sunday