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Butler Courtesy is a leader in the hanger industry


Since it was founded, the company has been acting on contract spirit and good faith. Its steadfast pursuit for high quality has brought it customers from home and broad, rising profits and good reputation in the market. It has been honored as "Outstanding Enterprises", "Top 10 Industrial Enterprises", "Key Enterprises" and "Leading Enterprises" for years consecutively.


The leading enterprises of modern forestry industry in Guangxi in 2013.
The leading enterprises in the industrialization of agriculture in Guilin in 2010.
The company was classified as an A-level management enterprise by the Chinese Customs in 2009.

The Butler Courtesy wood hangers were evaluated as famous brand products of Guangxi in 2012, 2015 and 2018.


Butler Courtesy is an industrial benchmarking company, and a drafter of the industrial standards.

It started taking part in drawing "The Industry Standards of the Clothes Hanger Industry" from 2012. Including: 

Wood Hangers / Cloth Coated Hangers / Bamboo Hangers / Aluminum Alloy Hangers Rubber And Plastic Hangers / Velvet Coated Hangers

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