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        Happy New Year! Wish you success in business and success in everything you desire!

        The first period of "Hanger Biweekly" in the New Year of 2020 is the Top of representative hanger for bionic design of human body. It is the outstanding representative of the top in all aspects (design concept, quality and appearance).She's #98-2001.

        In the past, this kind of clothes hanger because of the production technology and mechanical equipment and other reasons, only stay in a small number of model production. Now, Butler through our own research and development of automatic CNC machine, realized mass production, finally can boldly show you. 




左侧图 Left View



         Bionic design of human body, viewing this hanger from any Angle, its outstanding features are unbearable to move the line of sight - streamline shape, graceful curve, outstanding personality recognition characteristics!


迷人的魔鬼身材 Shape View 



From the top to the down, the lines are even more pronounced.


俯视图Top View



From the bottom to the top, the effect is equally obvious.


仰视图Bottom View



Chinese cheongsam neckline design, can directly see the line like cheongsam neckline, as if to let people see the dignified east female charm.


部特写,Close Up to the Neck 




       Shoulders: wide shoulder design, reliable support, to ensure that your dress straight. The shoulder can also display an important feature - a rounded curve.





        Material: import European oak, itself reflected its value of precious by the wood。


头部特写,Close Up to the Face




Excellent Qquality: Adhering to the production process of Butler Courtesy hanger, to achieve "0 tolerance" high quality; there is no complicated traditional mold, replaced by Butler Courtesy hanger automatic forming equipment. Instead of the traditional manual copy, intelligent production takes place, which changes the traditional production mode of wooden hangers and is made of precision machining. Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, at the same time, greatly improve product quality, add points to your brand and improve image.





As one of the leading manufacturer of professional brand hangers, Butler Hanger provides high-quality customized hangers for global brands every day. With the proprietary technology, “Butler Hanger” is especially for the world's high-end brand clothing.


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衣见钟情佰客喜!高端服装品牌的最佳搭档! 谢谢!

January 01, 2020