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(Summary description)


(Summary description)

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  Before the 2nd "Hanger Biweekly" of 2020, here's a good news. Butler Courtesy (Guangxi) Trading co., LTD., A subsidiary of Butler courtesy company, has won the tax credit evaluation "Awarded A title for 3 consecutive years " issued by Nanning tax bureau, the state administration of taxation. The good faith management, pays taxes according to law, obtained the recognition and the commendation by the Nanning government! This is our glory, we will continue to make persistent efforts, create brilliant!




  After this period of "Hanger Biweekly", we will usher in the Chinese traditional festival next week. We will stop publishing one period. In the upcoming year of the Rat, "Hanger Biweekly" is to pay a New Year call to you in advance: happiness in family, auspicious in the year of Rat, you are the strongest!


  The second Period of "Hanger Biweekly" in the New Year of 2020 is a medium-sized hanger, which is also a masterpiece of bionic human body design hanger. They are #98-2002 and #98-2003





  While take it in the hand, full and smoothly feel, even close the eyes, can feel its exquisite.




  Accessories: Black nickel hook and clips, matched with Cherry color surface and green furniture paint, enhance the quality of this hanger.


左侧图 Left View



  Body: streamline body, graceful curve, let a person love admirably!


迷人的魔鬼身材 Shape View


俯视图Top View


仰视图Bottom View



  Surface treatment: the application of furniture lacquer of environmental protection lacquer, the surface treatment of cherry color, administrative levels feels distinct, make it has extraordinary royal temperament.


头部特写,Close Up to the Neck



  Shoulders: narrow shoulder design, in the premise of ensuring that your clothes straight, save cabinet space.




  Material: imported European beech, the application of high-end materials, the value of itself is extraordinary.


头部特写,Close Up to the Face


  Excellent Qquality: Adhering to the production process of Butler Courtesy hanger, to achieve "0 tolerance" high quality; there is no complicated traditional mold, replaced by Butler Courtesy hanger automatic forming equipment. Instead of the traditional manual copy, intelligent production takes place, which changes the traditional production mode of wooden hangers and is made of precision machining. Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, at the same time, greatly improve product quality, add points to your brand and improve image.




  As a leading manufacturer of professional brand hangers, Butler Courtesy INC. provides high-quality customized hangers for global brands every day.


For more information, please browse our website:;



  衣见钟情佰客喜!高端服装品牌的最佳搭档! 谢谢!

  January 15, 2020

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