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“Hanger Biweekly” of #C30-31070 (“新品鉴赏”之#C30-31070)

“Hanger Biweekly” of #C30-31070 (“新品鉴赏”之#C30-31070)

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(Summary description)In this period, we will share a hanger which is "simple hanger, not simple" again. It is heavily used in home, hotel and fashion stores. It's # C30-31070.

“Hanger Biweekly” of #C30-31070 (“新品鉴赏”之#C30-31070)

(Summary description)In this period, we will share a hanger which is "simple hanger, not simple" again. It is heavily used in home, hotel and fashion stores. It's # C30-31070.

  • Categories:Company News
  • Author:Sam
  • Origin:原创
  • Time of issue:2019-11-18 10:00
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In last month of "Hanger Biweekly" ,we introduced the most basic, the most common, the most simple, the most widely used hangers #66-31070 and#93-31070 .Each of them can combine 100,000 different hangers of the same style. "Butler hanger" truly achieve that "simple hanger, not simple".


In this period, we will share a hanger which is "simple hanger, not simple" again. It is heavily used in home, hotel and fashion stores. It's # C30-31070.



Just like #66-31070和#93-31070, #C30-31070 has a common triangular shape + common round bar, commonly used 445mm length and 12mm thickness and 235mm total height, common 3.2mm diameter hook, U-shaped notches, natural wood color, created a most common hanger.





The first, The length of #C30-31070 is similar to #66-31070, starts from 260mm for children, to 300mm and 360mm for teenagers, to 400mm and 445mm for adults, and then to 480mm for lengthens. Thickness starts from 10mm thick, to 12mm, 18mm, 20mm, and so on.




Secondly, Vary with each individual, can choose any color: natural, black, white, washing-white, washing-black, colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple etc.), there must be one meet your need!


Thirdly, Specially designed shoulder for the needs of the brand, including: U-shaped, 7-shaped,T-shaped, trapeziform, L-shaped, anti-slip tooth rubber strip, anti-slip soft rubber cover......Be gentleand considerate.

第三、因品牌需要而特别设计的肩部,包括: U型坎、7字坎、T型坎、梯形坎、L型坎、防滑齿胶条、防滑软胶套……温柔、体贴。


Fourthly, meet different industries, different brands, different clothing of all kinds of metal hooks,including Mini hook, Cut hook, Straight hook, Open Hook, Bent Hook, Square hook and so on. At the same time, different types of electroplating can be provided, such as: Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Brush Nickel, Galvanized, Painted Black, Brass, Imitation bronzer, etc.



Fifthly, Kinds of drop bar: Round bar, PVC Socked round bar, Indentation round bar, Square bars + rubber strip, Lock Bar, Light plate clip, horizontal grain clip.



Sixthly, Because can combine Different color , Different length, thickness, Different shoulder notches,  Different metal hook, and Different bar match, can combine to produce more than 100,000 different styles. Thus, “Simple hanger, not Simple!” 



第七,三款普通衣架之间的区别The difference among the 3 styles popular hanger:


Although,#C30-31070 is the same as #66-31070 and #93-31070, the common triangle + common round bar, the commonly used 445mm length, 12mm thickness and 235mm total height, the common 3.2mm diameter hook, U-shaped notches and natural wood color , which make up the most common clothes hanger. But there are still some subtle differences among them. Any industry insider can tell the differences among them at a glance. It is mainly manifested in the following two points:

First, the difference of the joint: the two parts of #66-31070 are flat, or the Angle formed is 0. While the left and right sides of #93-31070 and #C30-31070 form an inclination Angle of about 15°. 




Second, shoulders ( back ) also have difference : #93-31070 with a certain inclined plane, appear relatively wide. And #66-31070 and #C30-31070 have rounded backs. 



Quality: adhering to Butler Courtesy hanger production process, for ordinary hangers,“Butler Courtesy”knows that "Details determine success or failure!", details determine quality. Each production link, each key point, are invested in a large number of quality control, to achieve “Butler hanger” in high quality.


Material: According to customer's demand, Eucalyptus, Birch wood, Schima Wood, Beech wood, Ash wood, etc. available.




As one of the “Top 10 Enterprises” of Hanger Industry in China Light Industries and the leading manufacturer of professional brand hangers, Butler Hanger provides high-quality customized hangers for global brands every day. With the proprietary technology, “Butler Hanger” is especially for the world's high-end brand clothing.



For High-end clothes brand, “Butler Courtesy” is the best Choice!


For more highlights, please visit the official website:;;


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