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“Hanger Biweekly” of #98-19025 (“新品鉴赏”之98-19025)

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  While the 126th Canton Fair was held in a grand ceremony, It’s our pleasure to see you again in “Hanger Bieweekly” of #98-19025.




  第126届广交会三期(No.126 Canton Fair)


  In the past two periods of “Hanger Biweekly”, we had shared two types of hanger, which can be combined with more than 100,000 different hangers due to the different designs to the shoulders, hooks, color, spans bar. “Simple hanger, not simple”!




  In this period of “Hanger Biweekly”, we share one lightweight luxury coat hanger----#98-19025. She has a relatively light figure, a relatively slim figure, relatively small metal fittings and a relatively narrow shouder design. Suit foils especially relaxed and lively lovely women dress.




  #98-19025正面照,Front View



  #98-19025-CLPS 正面照,Front View

  Extraordinary design, slender body, human bionic streamline design, beautiful lines!





  流线型设计,迷人的身材 Shape View




  仰视图Bottom View



  Surface treatment: Natural varnish, natural and fresh..




  Excellent Qquality: Adhering to the production process of Butler Courtesy hanger, to achieve "0 tolerance" high quality; there is no complicated traditional mold, replaced by Butler Courtesy hanger automatic forming equipment. Instead of the traditional manual copy, intelligent production takes place, which changes the traditional production mode of wooden hangers and is made of precision machining. Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, at the same time, greatly improve product quality, add points to your brand and improve image.





  头部特写,Close Up to the face

  Metal fittings: the black nickel metal hook that rattles and medium smooth plate clip, comely, guileless.




  钩部近照,Close up to the hook

  Material: Beech wood 材质:进口榉木。

  Shoulder:The shoulders with a grace and lightness those were breathtaking




  右侧图 Right View

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